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Sugar scrubs only contain: Organic sugar, sweet organic almond oil, essence and my have coloring.


Lavender: Relaxing, Calming
Brown Sugar: Yummy, Warm and Gentle
Orange, Lime or Lemon: Uplifting
Bliss: Romance
Letting Go: Let It All Go
Jasmine: Sweet Romantic Flower
Peppermint: Stimulating
Just For Fun: Fizzle In It

Magic Mineral Dead Sea Bath Salts

Dissolve 1/2 to 1 cup of salts under warm running water.
Soak from 10 minutes and no more than 20 minutes.
Skin may redden briefly due to increased circulation.
Avoid Contact with Eyes, as salt can sting, (Just rinse with water)
Mineral Analysis of 100% Magic Mineral Dead Sea Bath Salts
Magnesium Chloride: 31.0-35.0%
Potassium Chloride: 20.0-28.0%
Sodium Chloride: 3.0—8%
Calcium Chloride: 0.1-.05%
Bromide: 0.3 –0.6%
Sulphates: 0.05- 0.2%
Insoluble's 0.—0.3%
Water of Crystallization: 32.0  40.0% 


Lavender Oil for calming effect and enhances the power of

Sugar Scrub Small

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Sugar Scrub Large

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